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From: "Central Valley Chapter CLSA" <mail_list@californiacentralvalleysurveyors.org>
Subject: Central Valley Chapter CLSA Message --- We have a Meeting Tonight
Date: December 7th 2011

Good Morning All

Just a reminder, our November/December meeting will be tonight, December 7th. Come visit with Ric Moore from BPELSG.


And if you haven’t read our newsletter yet, it is available here. http://www.californiacentralvalleysurveyors.org/shared_files/chapter_newsletter/CVC-The%20Prism%202011-11.pdf

You can download the Chapter membership application for 2012 here, http://www.californiacentralvalleysurveyors.org/shared_files/forms/CVC_CLSA_Membership_Form_Fillable.pdf

or fill it in and print it. Then mail it and your dues in to Kevin, or even better bring them to the Chapter Meeting tonight.

Beginning Tomorrow night – Sacramento Chapter LS Review Classes begin. Thursday Evenings, December 8, 2012 through April 5, 2012 (Holiday break after December 15 and beginning again January 5)

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Caltrans Farmers Market III
1727 30th St. Sacramento, California 95816

Rob McMillan at (760)846-4491. Rob_LS@comcast.net


For the latest news on GPS vs. Light-Squared and other National News follow NSPS News and Views – updated weekly.


The FCC is releasing documents under the Freedom of Information Act through a new website http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/lightsquared-foia

We have again obtained 2 cases of the only once-used Fundamental of Engineering Reference Handbooks from the October Exams. Anyone wanting a copy (or multiple copies) for personal use or to provide to teachers or students, send me an email or be at the next meeting. If you have a place for more than the 50 or so copies I have available, let me know and I will see if can get more before they are all given away.

Upcoming Webinar from CLSA
Executive Officer Ric Moore and
Land Surveyor Member Pat Tami
December 14, 2011, 12:00-1:30PM

Hope to see all of you tonight


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