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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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Upon completion of the Restoration of Lost Corners Course and this course review, students will:

  • Be able to describe the process for restoration of lost corners by proportionate measurement.
  • Understand the basic legal background which allows BLM surveyors to apply proportionate methods on both private and public lands.
  • Identify situations where proportionate measurement may or may not be applicable.
  • Feel confident performing the computations required to complete in the field restoration of lost corners using proportion means.
  • Be able to select and apply the correct method of proportionate measurement in any situation either artificial testing or actual in the field exercises.

The following summary will quickly indicate whether you have truly mastered these broad goals. Again, do not feel embarrassed about repeating any or all of these lessons. That's why the information was put into this electronic format, so that it can be used to your best advantage.

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