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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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  Section 1 - Sample Problem

All of the needed information is on the sketch. This sketch shows the break down to latitudes and departures. Notice that in this example, the record courses and distances were run as in our problem in irregular boundary adjustment. Set up a proportion as shown. The latitude of the closing error is to the total length of all the courses as the adjustment in latitude is to length of the course being adjusted. So, our adjustment would be 0.94 chains, since the latitude of the closing error is north. The adjustment to apply to the first course is also north. Add the adjustment 0.94 to the latitude of the first course, 31 is shown, and get 31.94, the adjusted latitude.




Now, set up a proportion for the adjustment of the departure.







The arrow points to the departure of the closing error. The adjustment in departure is 2.585.

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