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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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  Section 2 - Compass Rule Proportion

For distributing the departure in this problem of the closing distance, we have used the Compass Rule. The total distance to the corner to be adjusted is to the total length of all courses as the departure adjustment to the corner in question is to the departure of the closing error or . . .






. . . or A1 is to A as B1 is to B in the drawing. With the latitudinal line the principle is the same, single-proportion when parallel to the line. Compass Rule when perpendicular to the line, but special allowances must be made for geodetic curvature of the line.






On a latitudinal line the temp stakes should be placed to suit the usual adjustments for curvature. Of course, if the record bearings were rotated to correct for curvature, that is, you are running mean, then no further corrections need be applied.

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