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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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  Section 2 - Irregular Exterior Adjustment

Second, the 1901 surveyor ran west between Sections 20 and 29 and established the quarter corner at 40, but did not complete that mile.

In 1912, the east half mile was retraced. The original quarter corner was found in good condition and the west half mile was surveyed.





Then, a 1960 retracement of the 1912 work finds no remaining evidence of the quarter corner of Sections 20 and 29. That quarter corner should be reestablished using irregular exterior adjustments.

When making this adjustment we must assume that the retracement was made using record courses and distances.

If the present retracement is not run according to record courses, the record courses must still be computed on paper and the amounts of correction must still be applied to the record courses.

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