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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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  Section 1 - One Point Control

The quarter corner, Sections 15 and 22, established during the original survey is lost, and should be restored by one-point control.







According to the manual, section 5-45,where a line has been terminated with measurement in one direction only, a lost corner will be restored by record bearing and distance, counting from the nearest regular corner, the latter having been duly identified or restored.

Let's consider this witness point at the edge of unsurveyable mountain cliffs as lost. Restore it with one-point control. The lost witness point would be restored at record bearing and distance as shown.




The assumption of one-point control is that the original surveyor was keeping accurate field notes and that his equipment was functioning correctly. If no other evidence or testimony is found, then the record is the best evidence we have regarding corner location.

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