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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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  Section 2 - Review Exercise
1. If a section or township boundary has a deflection in alignment, what would we call this boundary line?
Choice 1 a. Governing line
Choice 2 b. Sectional guide meridian
Choice 3 c. Sectional correction line
Choice 3 d. Irregular exterior
2. What may create such a misalignment?
Choice 1 a. Parts surveyed from different directions.
Choice 2 b. Declination vernier out of adjustment.
Choice 3 c. Previous retracement.
Choice 3 d. Running a random line with deflection angles.


3. If a corner(s) is (are) lost along such a boundary, what assumption must we make regarding any retracement?

Choice 1 a. The record distances and bearings were run.
Choice 2 b. There is no error in the record.
Choice 3 c. The record is in error and we must correct it.
4. On a meridional line, the latitude of the closing distance is distributed among the courses in:
Choice 1 a. Proportion to the length of the tie.
Choice 2 b. Proportion to the departure of each course.
Choice 3 c. Proportion to the latitude of each course.
5. Applying the above single proportion concept and the "compass rule," complete the following formulas using the labels and diagram below:
  d       (a)
___ = ___

  D       (b)

  x       (c)
___ = ___

x+y     (d)

(a) = (b) = (c) = (d) =
Choice 1a. D
Choice 2 b. d1
Choice 3 c. L
Choice 4 d. D1
Choice 4 a. D
Choice 4 b. D1
Choice 4 c. L
Choice 4 d. d1
Choice 4 a. D
Choice 4 b. L1
Choice 4 c. L
Choice 4 d. D1
Choice 4 a. D
Choice 4 b. d1
Choice 4 c. L
Choice 4 d. D1
6. What special consideration must be applied when resurveying a township or boundary line that runs east or west?
Choice 1 a. Correction for curvature of the earth (geodesy)
Choice 2 b. Errors in the record
Choice 3 c. Index correction
7. Here is a township border with a lost corner. A retracement using record data was run. Compute the proportional bearings and distances.

Course 1
Choice 1 a. N 0° 35' W 38.607
Choice 2 b. N 0° 55' E 38.156
Choice 3 c. N 0° 45' W 38.607

Course 2
Choice 4 a. N 02° 21' E 40.253
Choice 4 b. N 02° 55' E 40.356
Choice 4 c. N 01° 25' W 40.175

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