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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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  Section 1 - Practice Exercise

To solve the problem, we start by entering the bearing and distance on the traverse computation sheet.






For no particular reason, other than having a place to start, begin with the north/south line. Be sure to identify your points. For example, if you start from the one-quarter Section Corner 35 and 36, enter that on that first line of the form. Now, on the second line, enter the first bearing and the distance, North 40. Next, identify the point at the end of that course, enter temp. Continue in this manner until all data on the north/south line has been entered.

Next, down lower on the same form, enter all the retracement data between control corners on the east/west line. Then, reduce all the data to their equivalent latitude and departure. At this point, complete filling in the data on your traverse computation sheet. Press the "Next" button when you have finished.

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