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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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ROLC is best viewed with:

  • Internet Explorer Version 6.0+ or Netscape 7.0+ (However, ROLC functions well in most internet browsers.);
  • a screen resolution setting of 1024 by 768 (Graphics, text settings, and window properties work best at this resolution.);
  • the Adobe PDF Viewer Plug-in (If you need the Viewer, select the Needed Downloads link at the bottom of the page.);
  • the Macromedia Flash Player Plug-in (If you don't see the animated maps to the right of your screen, then select the Needed Downloads link at the bottom of the page.); and,
  • a Java enabled browser (Most Browsers are Java enabled. To activate Java, see your browser's options/settings.).

Course Overview

ROLC is divided into five units. Each unit contains a number of pages (Content, Review, Try It and Assessment modules). Once you have completed a portion of a unit, you will be given an opportunity to complete an assessment for which an acceptable score is 80% or better. When you feel comfortable that you have mastered all of ROLC's content, you will be directed to Lotus Learning Space to complete the Final Exam and Course Evaluation.


Chances are that you have already explored the navigation scheme located at the top of the page. In this section, we provide brief descriptions of the navigation components.

The Unit Links are text-based links, which represent the tables of contents (TOC) for a given unit. You are always one click away from a unit's TOC, since these links are available on every page.

The Previous and Next links are text-based links that allow you to move back and forth throughout the course.

The Page Numbers provide your location within a given number of pages in a unit.

ROLC has several embedded help tools: four of which are accessible from every page.

The Course Map Icon (globe with magnifying glass) provides a high-level TOC for the entire course. This will come in handy should you not want to leave your current page to discover where a particular piece of content is.

The Calculator Icon is a fully functional calculator that is available for solving mathematic calculations within the course.

The Resources Icon (metal filing cabinet) provides links to various important external resources.

The Glossary Icon (open book) provides dictionaries for Cadastral Surveying Terms and Mapping Terms.

Navigate with Shortcut keys

The main navigation items can be accessed by pressing the 'Alt' key on your keyboard (CMD on the Macintosh), together with one of the following:

Alt +

1 = unit 1 TOC,
2 = unit 2 TOC,
3 = unit 2 TOC,
4 = unit 4 TOC,
5 = unit 5 TOC,

c = course map,
g = glossary,
c = calculator,
r = resources,
p = previous arrow,
n = next arrow

After that, most browsers will take you straight to that page, but in Internet Explorer this only selects the link. Press Return/Enter on your keyboard to activate it.

Note: Access keys only work in the latest browser versions (Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, Opera 5+, Mozilla)


ROLC has been designed to comply with Level One Priority, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998. As an accessible course, navigation and interactive components have been developed for use with screen reader technologies. Additional accessibility features include left to right tabbing for graphics and text based links, shortcut keys, text alternatives, and descriptive tags where appropriate. With the exception of various tools, all window are sizeable and allow for text and image wrapping.

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