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Restoration of Lost Corners by Proportionate Measurement
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  Section 2 - Fractional Measurements

One important point. Fractional measurements are actually quite common. Section lines terminating on a township boundary will normally be fractional just like the one in our sample problem. Many times one-quarter section corners have been incorrectly reestablished at midpoint, as on a regular section line, disregarding the fractional distance as shown in the original record. This does not follow the intent of resurvey methods, but back to our problem. We calculated the north/south placements of our lost corner, but what about the departure?





Remember we found a total of 0.59 chains we had to traverse to the east. That too has to be allowed for in our proportional resurvey.





Refer back to the traverse computation sheet for the retracement to obtain the total latitude and departure for the whole line.

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